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What's RAC Exchange?**

It's the thrill of alway getting something different without losing what you have currently paid in rent.

How It Works

Within six months of your rental, you're free to Exchange your items for something else.
After setting up a My Account, existing customers can view their RAC Exchange Value by selecting "More" next to each agreement.
Visit or call your RAC store and choose any other available item in our assortment (subject to approval, account must be current and product in good condition).
We'll come pick up your current item and deliver your Exchange item.
Rent you've paid to date will be applied to the total cost to own of the new item. If it costs less, you may be able to own it sooner!
You can exchange as many items as you'd like within the first six months of every new agreement.

To see what's available for Exchange, contact the RAC store you rented from or get pre-approved and start your order online.
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Got more questions? We've got answers!

During the first 6 months of your agreement when your agreement is in good standing with rental payments current. If you are past 6 months you are well on your way to ownership. You can take advantage of early purchase options. Or see more in FAQ's below for Lifetime Reinstatement information and options.
New and previously rented product at your local RAC store or an item that your store can otherwise obtain. Cash price or rental rate of products may not exceed approval amount on the day of the exchange, and may require submission of a new application for approval.
100% of the rental payments made in the first 6 months of your agreement will be applied to reduce the total cost of ownership for the next agreement (excluding taxes and fees). If you exchange multiple times, only the rental payments received for your most recent agreement will be applied to the new one.
Work with your local store Mon-Sat 10:00 am – 6:00 pm. If you don’t have them saved in your Favorites (kidding), look it up here.
Yes, your rental payments will be adjusted to the rate of the next item you rent. Your store will be able to provide more details.
Your same as cash period will be based on the item selected and restart with your new agreement, providing an opportunity to pay the lowest price possible to acquire ownership.
No, but you still have options. First, you may exercise an early purchase option to receive a discount off the total remaining payments required to acquire ownership. Second, if you need to take a break from renting, you can return your merchandise (with no penalty), then come back later and use your Lifetime Reinstatement. Lifetime Reinstatement gives you a Comeback Coupon voucher that works 3 ways with a valid new application (1) pick up where you left off on the same item 2) switch & save and get 3 months off the original term of any previously rented item 3) share your reinstatement voucher with a friend who has applied and been approved, and they can then pick #1 or #2.
You can, every agreement is available for RAC Exchange within the first 6 months. Each time you make an exchange you will enter into a new agreement. Your approval amount is subject to validation prior to each exchange, and only the rental payments received for your most recent agreement will be applied to the new one.