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Soup to Nuts

  Through national and local partnerships, hunger relief has been an area of involvement for Rent-A-Center since 2002. Rent-A-Center's Soup to Nuts campaign was designed to help food pantries across the nation.
  In the past, September saw our 3,000 stores act as collection points for cans of soup, jars of peanut butter and other canned goods earmarked for hunger-relief organizations. This year, our stores are staging a virtual food drive with cash donations being collected and distributed to hunger-relief organizations throughout the communities we serve.
Food insecurity is defined as a family being uncertain of having, or being unable to acquire, enough food for all household members because they have insufficient money and other resources for food.

According to the latest available statistics from the USDA, 49.1 million people live in food-insecure households, including 16.7 million children. Some other staggering statistics include:
 98% have worried that their food would run out before they got money to buy more.
 96% report that the food they bought just did not last and they did not have money to get more.
 97% say an adult had cut the size of meals or skipped meals because there was not enough money for food.
 66% of respondents report that they had been hungry but did not eat because they could not afford enough food.
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hunger and food security.
Help Rent-A-Center Close the Gap on hunger! Support the North Texas Food Bank and donate through the NTFB Virtual Food Drive. Every $1 provides 4 meals to hungry North Texans.