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Does Rent-A-Center Offer a Payment Plan?

Rent-A-Center offers several ways to pay, including payment plans that make it easy and affordable to rent to own furniture, appliances, computers, electronics, and smartphones from brands like Samsung, Frigidaire, and Ashley Furniture. With no credit needed and flexible payment plans from Rent-A-Center, you can decide how often you want to pay each month. For example, you can choose weekly, semimonthly, or monthly payments without a long-term commitment or growing interest. These plans give you the option to pay off your balance whenever you want. You also have the ability to stop or freeze payments if your situation changes and resume your payment plan when it works for your budget. **

How Does a Payment Plan Work?

Payment plans let you pay as you go and are designed to give you an affordable path to ownership on items from Ashley, Frigidaire, Samsung, and other top brands. With set, manageable installments and recurring deadlines, you know exactly the amount that is due and when. Our customer service associates work with you to determine what payment frequency works best for your budget, and then you can choose from three ways to make your payment:** Pay online 24-7 with ePay, pay by phone, or pay in the store.

Shop for that Ashley sofa or sectional today. Rent-A-Center has the items you need with the payment plan that works for you.

Is a Payment Plan Better Than Credit?

Here are three reasons why shopping with credit often isn’t the best option—and why payment plans are a better choice.

  • Your credit rating often determines the interest rate — and that means if you have less-than-perfect credit, you’ll pay more interest. RAC’s payment plans aren’t determined by credit. Everyone is approved to shop — regardless of credit rating.**
  • If you fall behind on your installments, you can’t stop or freeze them, which means your credit may be damaged, and you’ll pay even higher interest rates in the future. At RAC, you can stop or freeze payments at any time, as long as your contract is in good standing.**
  • With credit, you have to pay off the balance whether you want the product or not. When you shop at RAC, you can upgrade your product at any time, as long as your payments are up to date. If you need more computer power, want a newer Samsung smartphone, or wish you had a larger Ashley sofa, you can have it at RAC.**
If pay as you go isn’t your style, you can also pay the cash price. Rent-A-Center is all about shopping choice, convenience, and quality, so take advantage of our flexible rent-to-own options today. From Frigidaire refrigerators to kids’ furniture to Ashley home décor and lighting — get the products you want with the payment flexibility you need. Stop by the nearest RAC location today to learn more.