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Rental Washers and Dryers by Whirlpool at Rent-A-Center

Washer and dryers are appliances designed to last years®12 to 14 years for washers and up to 18 years for dryers.* So when you purchase a rent-to-own appliance, you know you're making an investment in something you and your family will use for a long time. Today's washers and dryers do more than just clean and fluff. These are highly efficient, energy-conserving machines that have the technology to adapt to the care required by different fabrics and textures. For example, did you know one rental Whirlpool washer dryer set will sense when clothes are dry and stop spinning, even if there's time left on the clock? Another Whirlpool washer offers 14 unique wash settings and remembers your preferences from load to load. And, some rent-to-own washers have sensor technology to adjust the amount of water and detergent to the size of the load to ensure you only use what you need. These are just a few of the reasons why there's never been a better time to rent-to-own washers and dryers. Modern appliances have the benefit of high-tech advances that mean your life gets easier while your clothes stay clean as new. *Sources: HouseLogic

Load 'em up

When selecting a rent-to-own washer and dryer, there are several features to consider.
  • Front loading or top loading: This means that the doors on the machines are either placed on top of the machine or on the front. Top-loading washer/dryers have been around for decades while front loaders are relatively new. The choice may depend on price, laundry room size, and personal preference.
  • Size capacity: Choose the capacity that fits your family's needs. For families with three or more, select a machine that offers large capacity loads.
  • Energy efficiency: Modern washers are, overall, much more energy efficient than models in the past. This means you use less water to wash and less energy to dry. An easy way to determine if a model is energy efficient is to look for the ENERGY STAR® designation.
  • Color: RAC's rent-to-own washers and dryers are available in a variety of colors: white, silver (chrome), and cranberry (red).
RAC's customer service professionals are on hand to answer all of your questions about our lineup of washers for sale. Remember: When you purchase appliances from RAC, your delivery, setup, and service are included too**.

Trust in Whirlpool

Whirlpool has been a trusted brand for home appliances for more than 100 years. Rent-A-Center is proud to carry Whirlpool washers and dryers because we know the name stands for quality, durability, efficiency, and innovation. Whirlpool's long company history means it has a dependable track record, and the brand continues to evolve to bring the best appliance technology to customers. With RAC, no matter which rental washer and dryer model you select, or which features you prefer, you can be sure you'll getting the hardest-working laundry machines available®and at a budget-friendly price. But what is rent to own (lease to own)? Rent to own is a simple way to purchase the items you need over a period of time. If your needs change, return your item any time, or keep your item until you own it! Visit the Rent-A-Center location near you to check out the extensive lineup of rental washers and dryers. You can even save time by beginning your online application here. At RAC, there's no credit needed for lease-to-own washers, dryers, and much more.