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Youth Bedrooms: Cool and Comfy for the Kids from Rent-A-Center

It seems like yesterday that your little ones were, well, little. Now they're ready for a bedroom that reflects their growing needs. At Rent-A-Center, we have a kid-approved selection of youth bedroom sets in a range of styles, finishes, and colors. We offer rental bunk beds, trundle beds, and youth bedroom suites, and to help you make the best choice, here are some considerations when selecting your rent-to-own youth bedroom furniture.
  • Bunk beds: Kids who love adventure, climbing, and being up high enjoy the novelty of bunk beds. All of our rent-to-own bunk beds include a ladder for easy access, and some styles feature built-in storage. Safety rails and mattresses are included. Perfect for flashlight wall shadows and sneak attacks.
  • Trundle beds: Trundle beds are ideal for sleepovers because the second bed can be stored when no one is using it. Some of our trundle bed styles also feature additional storage under the second bed. Two mattresses are included. Perfect for story time and cartoon-watching cuddles.
  • Bedroom Sets: Our youth bedroom sets feature a bed, dresser, mirror, and nightstand, making it a snap to design a sophisticated youth room. Mattresses sold separately. Perfect for tweens and teens.
All of the rent-to-own furniture and rental bedroom accessories you need for a youth bedroom are available at Rent-A-Center. There's only one thing we can't guarantee: sleepiness.

The Cool Factor

At Rent-A-Center, we offer several material and finish options with our youth bedroom sets, including:
  • Wood solids and wood veneer finishes
  • Padded upholstery
  • Black, gunmetal and silver powder coated steel
  • Dark brown (espresso and merlot) finishes
And if you're looking to foster fun in your kid's room, check out Rent-A-Center's selection of rent-to-own gaming systems from brands such as Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. We feature the high-tech entertainment that kids of all ages enjoy. The only problem is, your kids may never want to leave their room.

Grown-up Brands

At Rent-A-Center, our youth bedrooms are inspired fun, but the brands we choose are serious business. The products we feature are from the quality brand Ashley Furniture. Bring your kids by any one of our convenient locations so they can test out a new rent-to-own youth bedroom set. Before you even leave the house, you can save time and energy by beginning the rent-to-own application online. There's no credit needed to get what you want. Stop by today to speak with one of our customer service associates.