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Mattresses Designed for Durability and Support

When it comes to selecting the right rent-to-own mattress, there's no substitute for hands-on experience. While some people may think a particular brand or description is the best guide, the true test of what makes a mattress perfect is how the comfort level feels to you. To help make your mattress selection easier, we have four recommendations:
  1. Visit a Rent-A-Center location and give yourself plenty of time to try out each mattress in the selection.
  2. Lie down on the mattress and get into your normal sleep position for a true experience.
  3. Try not to be persuaded by how other people describe the mattress. If it's pillowy to one person, it may not feel that same way to you.
  4. If you're purchasing a mattress to be fitted with an existing bed, be 100 percent sure of the bed size before you purchase.
At Rent-A-Center we have an array of rental mattress designed for durability and support. And each one is so comfortable, it makes it even harder to get up when that morning alarm sounds.

No More Counting Sheep

The secret to good sleep includes having a mattress that offers the right level of firmness and cushioning. The mattress selection at Rent-A-Center features products with:
  • Memory foam
  • h\High coil count
  • Sturdy box springs construction
  • Inner-spring technology
  • Stain prevention technology
When selecting a rent-to-own bedroom set or individual bed, consider that the mattress is usually a separate purchase. (The exception is found with most youth bedrooms, where the mattresses are included). With flexible purchase options, adding a mattress to the mix is easy and affordable. We offer three payment options for all of your
rent-to-own furniture needs:
  1. Pay the cash price
  2. Pay 90 Days Same as Cash, which gives you 90 days to pay off the items
  3. Worry-Free Payment Plan: select a manageable reoccurring payment option
When you purchase a mattress, or any rent-to-own appliance, computer, electronics, or furniture, delivery and set up are included at no additional charge.

Comfort Level

Your comfort level just got even higher. At Rent-A-Center we offer mattress in twin, full, queen, and king sizes. Let us help you with your mattress selection, as well as all of your rent-to-own purchases. You can begin the process online by filling out an application here. Then visit one of our convenient locations to finish the paperwork, and start your easy and affordable rent-to-own shopping experience today.