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Rent-A-Center Wireless Plans are Affordable and Reliable

Whether you're in the market for a new rent-to-own smartphone or already have smartphone of your own, a cell phone's functionality relies on a wireless plan. The right plan will give you an affordable, reliable way to stay in touch with family and friends through calling, texting, and data sharing. Rent-A-Center offers unlimited plans that fit every budget.*^+ Each wireless plan is designed to allow you to optimize the amount of time you talk, text, and use data so that you're not wasting money on extra time or options you simply don't need. Our wireless plans will work with any smartphone we carry, and if you're interested in replacing an existing wireless plan, we can help with that option, too.

Compare Wireless Plans

Customers love Rent-A-Center wireless plans because we offer a no-contract 30-day plan that gives you flexibility, as well as instant connectivity. And here's another plus: There's no credit needed to sign up for a plan today. Before you select a cell phone plan, you need to compare features. Ask yourself questions such as:
  • Do I need unlimited*^+ talk, text, and data?
  • Do I need nationwide coverage?
  • Do I need international coverage? *^+
  • Will I be calling and texting other mobile phones?
  • What is my budget?
Whether you're on a contract phone or using a device you already have, we will work with you to identify the right plan for all of your calling, texting, and data sharing needs.

Plan Smart

The wireless plans at RAC start at less than a dollar a day, and carriers include Net10 and SimpleMobile. Here are a few benefits of each carrier:
  • Net10: Plans start at $35 for unlimited nationwide calling and texting; several options include high-speed data sharing.*
  • SimpleMobile: Plans start at $25 for 30-day unlimited talk, text, and international text; several options include high-speed data sharing.^
From international calls to unlimited plans, RAC has the mobile service you need to get the most out of your smartphone. *^+ Remember, with RAC, you aren't ever committed to long-term contracts or down payments, and you can change your cell phone plan as your needs evolve. Find the nearest Rent-A-Center store to learn more about the best wireless plan for you, and start calling, texting, and data sharing today!