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Rent to Own Maytag Dryers at RAC

There’s a reason why the Maytag brand is a household name. Ever since the company was founded in 1893 as the Maytag Washing Machine Company, its reputation for delivering powerful, reliable, and durable rent-to-own appliances has never waned.

Today, Maytag is the brand best known for long-lasting household appliances like dryers, and RAC has the Maytag washer and dryer sets to meet your household needs. Visit your nearest store, or shop Staged today to find the perfect Maytag dryer appliance rental.

How Do I Select the Right Dryer?

Maytag is known for manufacturing top-quality dryers that evenly and effectively dry clothing load after load. Whether you need to replace an existing dryer or purchase a new or previously rented washer and dryer as a set, RAC makes it a snap to bring home the right appliance rental.

Before you select a dryer, measure the space where the dryer will go to ensure a fit. If you’re adding a dryer to an existing washing machine, be sure the dryer’s physical dimensions are the same (or similar) to the washing machine for ease of loading. Also, check that the dryer has the features you want, such as a large capacity and wrinkle control.

Shopping for a dryer or any appliance rental at RAC is easy – and no credit is needed. You shop on your terms, with flexible payment options. Plus, delivery and setup of your dryer, as well as service and repairs, are included at no extra charge. (We’ll even provider a loaner in some cases.)

You can even begin your appliance rental application Staged. RAC makes it easy and affordable to bring home the Maytag dryer you want today!