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About Rent-A-Center Appliances

For the best lineup of portable rent-to-own appliances, look no further than Rent-A-Center. Here, you'll find the portable air conditioner or portable dishwasher you need to add convenience and comfort to your life every day.

For example, most portable air conditioners, also known as window air conditioners, can quickly cool a room that's up to 550 square feet. And many of these appliances offer electronic controls, variable fan speeds, sleep mode, and an on/off timer, so you can better manage your utility costs. And if you need to tidy up, a portable dishwasher comes through every time to deliver extra cleaning power to wash dishes in a dorm room, rental property, or for a special event. Each portable air conditioner and portable dishwasher is easy to move, transport, and set up. Also, many of these specialty rent-to-own appliances at RAC are ENERGY STAR® rated, meaning they offer an energy-efficient performance so you save on cooling and water costs.

A portable air conditioner or portable dishwasher gives you the peace of mind that all of your cooling and cleaning needs will be taken care of today and for the long term. At RAC, the lineup of specialty appliances such as portable air conditioners and portable dishwashers features well-known and respected household names, such as Hisense and Whirlpool. These brands stand for dependability, durability, and long-lasting performance.

To take advantage of the flexibility and convenience of a window air conditioner rental or portable dishwasher rental, stop by your nearest RAC location today to learn more.