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Acer Computers: A PC Leader with High Tech Products

In 1976, a company named Multitech is founded. At this time, the 11-person operation focused on microprocessor technologies. By 1987, the company changed its name to Acer, launched new products, and officially earned worldwide status as a leading personal computer vendor. By 2007 the company became the world's No. 2 vendor for notebook computers, and No. 3 for PCs. Throughout its long and productive history, Acer has created and manufactured high-tech products such as desktops, notebooks, chromebooks, computer displays, network solutions, mobile phones, projectors, tablets, servers, and storage. Today, Acer is one of the most popular brands in the world for computers and tablets. Rent-A-Center is proud to include rental Acer computers in its high-tech lineup.

The Mobile World of Acer

Mobile computing is a necessity in the modern age, and few companies can rival Acer for affordable performance. Rental Acer laptops and tablets offer advantages that include:
  • Mobility: Rental Acer laptops and tablets are portable and feature built-in WiFi, so you can set up shop anywhere, at any time. As the mobile workforce grows, so does the need for on-the-go computing®an area where Acer excels
  • Size: Acer's small, lightweight, and ergo dynamic computers allow for ease of use and transport
  • Tools and Features: Acer computers are packed with bonuses like webcams, high-definition graphics, standard apps, and long-life batteries.
How do you determine whether or not you should purchase a rental Acer laptop or tablet? Consider these facts:
  • Laptops are ideal for sharing documents at home, small business productivity, completing homework or college papers, or watching videos (the screens are larger than tablets). Laptops are lightweight®but not as compact and agile as a tablet.
  • Tablets are ideal for on-the-go entertainment, quick communication, social media, and games. Tablets are affordable and easy to transport, but they don't pack as much computing power as a laptop.

Rent-to-own Acer

Rent-A-Center has made it possible for everyone to take advantage of rent-to-own laptop deals. Start the process by filling out your application online and then visit the nearest RAC store to complete the paperwork. Another advantage RAC offers is the Worry-Free Guarantee, which gives you the option to upgrade to a new or different rental Acer laptop or tablet at any time during your lease agreement.** Visit RAC to learn more about Acer, and bring home one of the world's most popular personal computing brands today.