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The Rent-A-Center
Worry Free Guarantee

Shop on your terms.
Get more for your money.
Yeah, you can do that.

Take back control.
Get 100% Peace of Mind.

Can you shop without the restrictions big-box retailers put on you and your budget? Can you enjoy the power to get the things you want, pay the way you can afford and live life on your terms? The Worry-Free Guarantee is Rent-A-Center’s way of saying with 100% certainty: Yeah, you can do that – with these perks included:

No Credit Needed No Credit Needed

No credit? No problem. All you need is a place to live, a job and a few references to get started.

Service and Repairs Included Service and Repairs Included

If an item requires service during the lease term, we’ll repair it quickly at no additional cost.** We’ll even provide a loaner if needed.

Flexible Payment Options Flexible Payment Options

What other store lets you pay the way you want? At Rent-A-Center, you can (without using credit). Choose 90 Days Same As Cash** and own it at our cash price in three months. Or, pay a little at a time as you go – weekly, semi-monthly or monthly with no long-term contract or growing interest – and pay it off whenever you want. Plus, RAC offers three ways to pay to best fit your lifestyle.

Upgrade At Any Time Upgrade At Any Time

Wouldn’t you like to enjoy newer technology or a newer style right when it comes out – which is seemingly by the minute? Yeah, you can do that. At Rent-A-Center, you can upgrade an item to something new anytime during your lease term.** (Your payments will adjust accordingly.)

Delivery and Set-up Included Delivery and Set-up Included

Shop elsewhere and you’ll pay a hefty fee to get your new product home, and then you’re left to set it up on your own. At Rent-A-Center, you can relax. Your item will be professionally delivered and set up at no extra charge** – on the same day in most cases.

Payment Freeze Assurance Payment Freeze Assurance

We understand that there may be times when you need to spend your money elsewhere. So if you need to, we can pick up your product and simply freeze your purchase.** When you are ready, you can get your item back (or buy a comparable item), apply the money you’ve already paid and go from there.

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