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Rent-To-Own Freezers at Rent-A-Center

Impromptu dinner guests? Sudden craving for something you didn't plan for dinner? Find a grocery store sale and want to stock up? Have a large family with insatiable appetites? With a secondary freezer, you have the space and convenience required to ensure everything you need is on hand for any occasion. Secondary freezers are the ideal storage for large frozen goods, specialty items, or food you want to buy now but will use later. They also provide you with the peace of mind that, should you see an extra chair at the dinner table, you know you'll have something delicious to thaw and serve. More than 60 percent of consumers report they need more freezer space than their current refrigerator offers, according to a recent study sponsored by a prominent household appliance brand. (You can read more here.) Secondary freezers may be the perfect answer because they provide that desired extra storage space and can be placed in an out-of-the-way spot, such as a garage. Rent-A-Center offers rental chest freezers to solve your frozen food storage needs. And when you purchase a lease-to-own freezer, delivery, setup, and service are always included.

Keep Cool

Rent-A-Center offers chest freezers, which are also called deep freezers. These appliances are rectangular in shape and ideal for large quantities or bulk goods. One rental freezer features slide-out storage bins, temperature control, and a light. With great deals on rental freezers, you have the assurance that you're always prepared for parties, holiday gatherings, special occasions, and every day needs. RAC's customer service professionals are on hand to answer questions about rent-to-own freezers.

The Names for Quality

GE is one of the biggest names in freezers because these brands have delivered quality appliances to homes across America for decades. When you see the GE logo you know you're getting durable, affordable, low-maintenance appliances that will work hard for years to come. With Rent-A-Center's Worry-Free Guarantee, you have the assurance that we have you covered should your appliance need repair while you are renting**. We'll either fix the issue, or replace the rental freezer at no additional cost**. But what is rent to own (lease to own)? When you lease to own you pay small payments over a specified period of time until you own the product. Or return it at any time if needed. Visit the Rent-A-Center location near you for more information on purchasing a lease-to-own freezer. At RAC, you can get the best brands with no credit needed, so start the application process online here, and then finish the paperwork in the store.