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Rent To Own Gaming Systems for Fun & Home Entertainment

Explosive sound quality. Amazingly realistic graphics. Easy-to-maneuver controls. Sound like your dream gaming system? It's not wishful thinking with Rent-A-Center. We bring you an incredible lineup of affordable state-of-the-art rental gaming consoles guaranteed to pump up the fun. For some gamers, finding the right console comes down to comfort and aesthetics. For others, the selection is determined by the games because not all consoles accommodate the same titles. When selecting the right game console, whether it's Xbox, Play Station, Nintendo, or others, check out the features first and then demo the console in store. There's no substitute for hands-on experience. When you rent-to-own gaming systems from RAC, you can upgrade at any time**. This means that if a new gaming system launches and you want to switch out your current system for a newer one, you can do so without losing what you have already paid in. Simply visit your RAC store and let the customer service associate know you would like to return the original console, and update to the newer model and they will take of you! . It's all a part of our Worry-Free Guarantee. With RAC, it's easy to retain your status as a state-of-the-art gamer

Game On

Every rental game console from Rent-A-Center represents a world of supercharged play. Most of the gaming systems we offer are prepackaged or prebuilt with games so you can start your high-tech experience the moment you get your Xbox, Nintendo, or Sony Play Station home. Whether you're selecting a rent-to-own game console for a single user or one that the whole family can enjoy, there are features for everyone. And here's one of the biggest ways to score when you shop with RAC: There's no credit needed, no down payment, and you can upgrade your item at any time.** You're ready to lease-to-own a gaming console! Simply get started by filling out an online application and then visit a store to seal the deal.

Game Names

Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft. The names in quality game consoles don't get any bigger or better than that. Gaming systems from these brands are named the 'best' year after year by industry experts, and we're proud to offer them at Rent-A-Center. Whether you want the flexible control of a Sony Play Station, the ability to switch between games and TV with the Microsoft Xbox, or the portable gaming capabilities of the Nintendo Bundle, you can have the exact gaming system you want when you lease-to-own electronics with RAC. Our customer service associates are available to answer any questions related to gaming systems. Stop by today and bring home your favorite rental gaming console.