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Lamps: Lighting for Style and Purpose at Rent-A-Center

Lighting for a specific mood or particular purpose has an impact on the type of fixtures you choose for your home. Here are some of the main styles and uses for lighting:
  • Overhead lighting will send light across a large area so that the surfaces are evenly illuminated. For example, the lighting in your kitchen is spread out enough to cover the countertops.
  • Dimmer-controlled lighting is ideal when a room is used for a variety of purposes. Think of a living room or game room where you need low light for movies or gaming, but brighter light for crafts or cleaning.
  • Task lighting is designed to light one spot to facilitate a specific action, such as reading, sewing, or working at the computer.
  • Mood lighting is used to create an atmosphere. People often associate mood lighting with romance, but it can also be used to create brightly-lit rooms for parties, dinners, or special occasions. Mood lighting refers to the light level as well as placement, such as in a hallway or entryway.
At Rent-A-Center, our selection of rent-to-own lamps is designed to incorporate style with purpose so you can beautifully light all of the important spaces in your home. Our rental lighting accessories feature colors and textures that accent and complement your rent-to-own furniture, including bedroom groups and living room groups.

Task Master

Adding lamps to tables, niches, and surfaces throughout the house gives you greater control over the ambiance and illumination. Many of the rental lamps at Rent-A-Center feature three-way switches, which means you can select the level of brightness you need, depending on the activity. Choosing the right lamp for the space means looking at a few characteristics:
  • Base: The selection at Rent-A-Center includes rectangular designs, pear shaped designs, and spherical patterns.
  • Shade: The selection includes dark and light hued shades in the traditional squared or circular shade shapes.
  • Detailing: From geometric shapes to textured dimpling, and finishes such as reflective chrome, the details help tie together the look of the lamp.
All of these rent-to-own accessories at Rent-A-Center come in pairs, helping you to evenly distribute light and style. (And eliminating the need to find that one perfect spot where light will be cast everywhere you need.) Rent-A-Center's rent-to-own accessories mix beautifully with occasional table sets, sofas and sectionals, as well as the bedroom furniture in the master suite or guest room.

Brands that Brighten Your Home

The brands we select to represent for your accessory and furniture needs are trusted names. At Rent-A-Center, we sell products from Ashley Furniture,England, Welton, Standard, Klaussner, Home Meridian, Albany and ClassicFlame. Many of these designers create furniture and accessories for all the main rooms in your home, providing you with a consistent quality you can count on. For help choosing the right lighting accessories for your home office, living room, bedroom, or dining room, stop by one of our convenient locations and speak with a customer service associate. To make shopping at Rent-A-Center even more convenient, there's no credit needed for purchases and you can begin the application process online.