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Rent to Own Your Favorite Brands at Rent-A-Center

Whether you’re looking to rent a new living room set, laptop, or the latest smart TV, one thing is certain: Brand name matters. That’s why Rent-A-Center carries only the best brands. At every RAC location, you’ll find the brand names you want, such as Whirlpool, Ashley Furniture, Maytag, Samsung, HP, Asus, Dell, LG, Microsoft, Nintendo and more. The list goes on and on.

Do I Need to Rent the Best Brands?

When you rent to own at RAC, you receive top-quality electronics, Frigidaire appliances, computers, Ashley furniture, and Samsung smartphones without having to pay full price up front. RAC carries only the best brands in each product category from companies that have been selected based on their distinguished track records for quality, durability, style, and innovation.

Why Rent to Own Makes Sense

At RAC, our goal is to make getting the brand names you want, such as Ashley, Frigidaire, and Samsung, at prices that comfortably fit your budget. That’s why we promise every customer our Worry-Free Guarantee, which means you can get the things you want and need with no credit needed, no down payment, and no long-term commitment.**

Visit a RAC location near you to rent to own some of the world’s more popular brands, such as Samsung, Frigidaire, and Ashley. Start shopping today for rental furniture, electronics, computers, smartphones, and appliances.