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Your Name Matters. Not Your Credit Score.

You know the drill. You visit a retail store. You find the perfect must-have item. You sign up for a store credit card. And then it happens: You find that approval comes with a hitch®an astronomical interest rate. The truth is that most retailers offering credit cards will charge you an interest rate between 15 to 20 percent. Lower credit scores often command even higher interest rates. And that's on top of any annual fees or special delivery and warranty charges. Rent-A-Center doesn't issue credit cards, and you don't have to even own one to purchase with us. Our no-credit-needed stance is firm, and there are plenty of reasons why, all of which have your best interests in mind.

5 Reasons You Don't Need Credit at Rent-A-Center

First, we aren't fans of the fact that using a credit card means that the interest rate you pay is dependent upon your credit history®
that you accrue debt on unpaid balances® that you can never ever stop payments, regardless of your situation®and if you miss a payment, your credit score could take a hit® and that the balance grows the longer it takes you to pay it off.
Second, we think every one of our customers deserves the opportunity to rent-to-own furniture, computers, electronics, and appliances in an affordable, stress-free, and upfront manner. We want you to pick the way you pay®not have it dictated by a retailer. We give you options, each one focused on convenience and ease. Third, we do not want to put customers through the stress and worry of dredging up financial mistakes and hardships. The past is the past. Fourth, we're in the business to make it possible for anyone to rent-to-own the computers, electronics, appliances and rental furniture they want. Fifth, we make it easy to apply for a rent-to-own agreement. Start the application process here, and finish it in the store. Bring in proof of residence, source of income, and personal references, and you'll be ready to begin your lease-to-own experience that day. At Rent-A-Center, we give credit where credit is due. But our relationship with credit stops there. Ready to get started on your rent-to-own purchases? You can begin the application process here, or visit one of our convenient locations.