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Refrigerators at Rent-A-Center

How many times each day do you think the refrigerator is opened? Experts say that it’s around 10 times per day per person. With so much activity, it’s important to make sure the refrigerator you purchase has the capacity and features you need to accommodate everyone in your household.


Prefer an automatic ice maker? Slide-out shelves? Side-by-side design? The robust lineup of rent-to-own appliances at RAC, from top brands such as Maytag and Whirlpool, means you have your pick of options and styles for your fridge. You can select a side-by-side refrigerator; a top-mount refrigerator, with the freezer at the top of the appliance; or a bottom-mount refrigerator, with the freezer on the bottom. RAC has the best refrigerators to meet your needs. And because it’s important for aesthetics that your new rent-to-own refrigerator matches your other kitchen appliances, Rent-A-Center offers three finishes: stainless steel, white, or black. And each rent-to-own refrigerator at Rent-A-Center was manufactured by a company you know and trust, such as Maytag.


Before you select your refrigerator, here’s a tip: Measure the space where the fridge will go. Refrigerators are manufactured at various heights, widths, and depths, so be sure you know how much room you have for your new rent-to-own refrigerator. It’s no fun to get a kitchen appliance home and find that it’s too small or too large.


Shop online or stop by the nearest Rent-A-Center today see our selection of the best refrigerators (including used refrigerators), from top brands such as Maytag and Whirlpool. And don’t forget that delivery and set-up of any of our rent-to-own appliances is included.