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Dell Inspiron 21.5" All-In-One Touchscreen Deskto...


This all-in-one with a 21.5" full HD IPS touchscreen display puts functionality at your fingertips.

Acer Aspire 23.8" Desktop Computer


With quad-core processing and intuitive Windows 10 the Acer Aspire 23.8" Desktop Computer has all the computing power you need in one sleek package.

HP 21.5" All-in-One Desktop Computer


Get everything you’re looking for all-in-one great computer. Whether you need to surf, stream or research, this desktop will tackle all your assignments in one convenient place.

Dell 27" Alienware Gaming Desktop Computer


This computer is built for high performance gaming with an ultra-powerful desktop and 27” curved, wide-angle screen.

MSI 27" Gaming Desktop Computer


This desktop computer delivers the future of desktop gaming that pushes all limits with a space saving design that stays cool and quiet.

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What Kind of Desktop Computers Does Rent-A-Center Sell?

If you’re looking for robust connectivity, ergo-friendly design, and plenty of power, a desktop computer is exactly what you need. Rent-A-Center has a great lineup of rent-to-own desktop computers with cutting-edge tools, features, and extras. When you’re looking for a computer for the office, home, or dorm, RAC has the right desktop computer for you.

If you want to watch movies, play games, and share on social media, it’s a snap with a desktop computer. (Some people like to call them gaming computers.) In fact, people who prefer to use a desktop computer over other rent-to-own computer options typically like the large desktop monitor. And because a desktop PC stays in one place, it becomes a permanent machine that's accessible, reliable, and easy to care for. A desktop PC can also easily connect to other machines in the house, essentially creating an in-home network.

Rent-A-Center’s best desktop computers have it all: state-of-the-art processors, robust memory, webcams, graphics support, USB connections, Wi-Fi connectivity, stereo speakers, and much more. Also, our desktop computers are from brands you know and trust, such as Acer or Lenovo ®.

Visit one of our convenient locations to learn more about desktops or any of our rent-to-own laptops or tablets . Rent-to-own desktop computers from RAC have the computing power you need for work or play.