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Microsoft Xbox One- 500GB

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About Rent-A-Center Gaming Systems

The rapid-fire pace of technology means gaming systems are always changing, from the styling of the console and controls to the introduction of new game titles. Through the ongoing evolution, you can rely on gaming systems like the Microsoft Xbox and Sony PS4 to deliver amazingly realistic graphics, dynamic sound quality, and supercharged play.

At Rent-A-Center, you have your pick of state-of-the-art gaming systems, including the PS4 and the Xbox One. How do you know which rent-to-own gaming system to select? It comes down to comfort, aesthetics, and desired selection of titles. The best way to determine if you prefer the Xbox or PS4 is to stop by your nearest Rent-A-Center location and give each one a try. Our customer service representatives know a lot of about gaming and gaming systems, so ask all your questions and we’ll help you with the answers.

Some of the gaming systems you find at RAC are prebuilt or prepackaged with games, meaning you can set up your PS4 Bundle or Xbox One Bundle and start playing immediately. And one of the great things about gaming systems is that they can accommodate a single user just as easily as the entire family.

RAC also makes it easy to upgrade your rent-to-own gaming system at any time during your rental agreement.** So, if you want to switch to the PS4 Bundle or Xbox One Bundle, we can help you make that a reality. From wireless controls to sleek console design, gaming systems at RAC represent some of the more advanced gaming innovations available today.