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Rent-To-Own with No Worries at Rent-A-Center

When you walk into any Rent-A-Center store, you have this guarantee: The customer experience is completely about you. Shopping for home and office items such as a rental sofa, refrigerator, computer, or tablet are not daily or weekly occurrences. They're special occasions. You've put thought and energy into what you need, what brands you trust, and what your budget allows. And for that, your rent-to-own purchasing experience should be 100 percent stress free. Welcome to worry-free shopping with Rent-A-Center.

Rent-to-Own Shopping is All About YOU

Across each one of our 3,000 rent-to-own stores, we offer customers a comprehensive stress-free shopping experience. Our customer service associates have the goal of making your rent-to-own shopping experience worthy of a Tweet or Facebook mention. Even our promise will make you breathe easy: Worry-Free Guarantee. This means that as our valued customer, we've thought through every aspect of your shopping experience to make it as easy, convenient, and stress free as possible. Our Worry-Free Guarantee Means:
  • Nothing's Standing in Your Way: At RAC, there's no long-term contract, no large down payment, no credit needed, and zero reason to delay your purchase.
  • You Don't Have to Own a Screwdriver: Any purchase at Rent-A-Center includes delivery, setup, and service. There's never an additional charge, and if the situation requires a loaner item, we provide it at no additional cost.
  • You Can Catch Up: If there's an instance when you need to freeze or stop payments so you can tend to other matters, Rent-A-Center makes it possible to do so without penalty or interest. Simply return the item, and when you're ready, start again where you left off.
  • Think Bigger: Rent-A-Center makes it possible to upgrade at any time. Need a larger mattress? Want a bigger HDTV? No problem. Just upgrade to a different product at your convenience.
Tell us what worry-free shopping means to you. We'll listen. After all, we're here for our customers, and that means everything®from the in-store hello to your in-home delivery®is always, without question, about you. To start your rent-to-own, worry-free shopping with Rent-A-Center, please visit one of our stores or begin the application process here.