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Understand the Smartphone Benefits at Rent-A-Center

Instant communications. Up-to-the-minute news. Photo and video sharing. Apps for just about anything: coupons, games, recipes, sports, health and wellness, banking, maps, retailers, and restaurants. And these are just some of the major benefits of using a smartphone. Smartphones®also known as cell phones, wireless phones, and mobile phones®have become such vital accessories that most people can't imagine their lives without them. More than just a phone, these devices leverage the most out of online communications and social media, too. With a touch of a button or a swipe of the screen, and you can instantly email, text, and stream. Inside of a moment, you have a global perspective of current events, a reliable way to check in with family and friends, and a device that offers so many entertainment options. These are the reasons why Rent-A-Center has added rent-to-own smartphones to the lineup of great products that include electronics, computers, appliances, and furniture. Here, you'll find rental phones from the biggest names in telecommunications, as well as budget-friendly wireless plans. (We also make it possible for you to keep your existing wireless plan with your new rental smartphone. Learn more here.)

Smartphones Launch A Phenomenon

Without a smartphone, there would be no selfies. This famous word defines the phenomenon of using your cell phone camera to snap a picture of yourself and then upload it to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr, etc., right then and there. In fact, smartphone cameras are so popular that experts say we upload approximately 1.8 billion photos per day across social media platforms! Good thing RAC brings you incredible camera phone technology designed to make you look your best! Pair smartphone photography with great features such as booming audio and multitasking capabilities, and you might not ever need another device to help you keep your activities and priorities on track. Also, when you rent-to-own a smartphone from RAC, you get our Worry-Free Guarantee that means you can stop or freeze payments at any time®no questions asked.** Learn more about rent-to-own smartphones from RAC, and start talking, texting, and sharing today.

Smart Brands

Samsung and HTC are two of the biggest names in the world, and we've got them at Rent-A-Center. Each one of the rental smartphones in our lineup offers powerful performance, premium design, and a robust list of features guaranteed to make your life more connected and convenient. Check out the rent-to-own cell phones at RAC today. There's no credit needed, which means you can make your purchases without hassles and without worry. And here's another benefit of shopping with RAC: You won't ever be tied down with long-term contracts or down payments, and you can upgrade your phone at any time when newer models are offered.** RAC makes it easy to rent a smartphone: Simply begin the lease application process online, and then visit the nearest store to finalize the paperwork.