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Lamps and More

Lamps at Rent-A-Center

Strategically placed lamps are one of the better ways to create ambiance, and Rent-A-Center has a variety of Ashley Furniture rent-to-own home décor to meet your needs.


In addition to the obvious practical use, Ashley lamps are ideal to add color, designate a specific space for reading or playing games, or provide just enough light for quiet relaxation. And if you want to change the look and feel of a room in an instant, just add lighting to the space. You can create subtle illumination by adding Ashley table lamps to a coffee table, end table, countertop, or built-in desk, as well as furniture in an entry way, hallway, or other niche.


When you decide on Ashley rent-to-own lighting, you can consider a variety of factors, including the shape of the base (rectangular, spherical, etc.) the color and size of the lampshade (square or circular) and whether you want detailing like textured dimpling or prefer a smooth surface. Before you purchase lamps, check the label located on the lamp base for the recommended light bulb wattage. If you’re using table lamps for tasks such as reading, sewing, or painting, be sure the accessories can accommodate higher wattage light bulbs.


At Rent-A-Center, you’ll find Ashley rent-to-own lighting in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs. From contemporary chic to subtle traditional, the lamps and home décor available at RAC are designed to complement your living room , bedroom , or dining room furniture , or they can function beautifully as stand-alone accessories. Stop by the nearest RAC location today to see the full lineup of rent-to-own furniture and décor.