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Powell "Riley" Audio Video Stand


Make your media space cool and contemporary with the sleek design of the Powell "Riley" Audio Video Stand.

Powell "Riley" Large Audio Video Stand


Make your media space cool and contemporary with the sleek design of the Powell "Riley" Large Audio Video Stand.

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About Rent-A-Center TV Stands

Selecting the right TV stand for your living room, media room, or bedroom is important for the longevity of your electronics. If your TV stand is too wide, it may stick out into doorways, cover windows, or block access. If it's too small, then you're left with items that won't be properly displayed or protected.

When selecting a rental video stand, consider your TV's size and weight, and check the capacity limit of the furniture. If the TV is mounted directly onto a wall, that also makes a difference in determining the height of your TV stand. Also take into account whether you'll be storing a gaming system, sound system, or other electronics. If so, select a TV stand with the right number of shelves and storage drawers to accommodate your items.

Rent-A-Center offers a variety of rent-to-own TV stands that are perfect for any room in your home. From a smaller unit that's ideal for a guest room to a larger piece that's designed to hold multiple systems, all your needs for media chest storage are available at RAC. As with all the furniture and accessories you'll find at Rent-A-Center, the selection of rent-to-own TV stands includes the household brands you know and trust. You'll also find an array of contemporary and traditional designs that are at once practical and beautiful, and that can be easily integrated with your existing or new furniture. Stop by the nearest Rent-A-Center location today to find the perfect video stand for your home.