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Understand More About Tablets at Rent-A-Center

Tablets are one of the most popular types of mobile computers available today. These small-sized machines are the favorite among travelers, families, college students, and people who enjoy their entertainment on the go. Tablet computers are ideal for emailing, reading e-books, watching movies, listening to tunes, catching up on news and TV, and launching entertainment and gaming apps. Lightweight, portable, and robust, tablets bring convenience and style to personal computing. And, here's another plus: they conveniently fit into a purse, briefcase, messenger bag, and even the palm of your hand. Many parents find that children respond quickly and enthusiastically to tablets because they're small and user friendly®even young kids can quickly learn to use a touch screen. And, across the millions of apps available, there's an impressive list of educational games, stories, and learning apps tailor-made for young minds. Rent-A-Center's lineup of rent-to-own desktops, laptops, and tablets means you have plenty of choices when it comes to computers. By selecting a rent-to-own tablet, you'll be at the forefront of one of the personal computing's fastest-growing trends. We even carry tablets for kids.

Design and Ease of Use

By their very nature, tablets are easy to handle, feature a sleek design and sharp displays, and come packed with computing power. Other popular tablet features include cameras, Webcams, stylus pens to edit photos or sketch, and even docking stations for those users who have the occasional need to sync up to a keyboard (college kids taking class notes, perhaps?). All of Rent-A-Center's rental tablets run on the Android operating system, making it a snap to download apps from every category available.

Tried and True Tablets

With the RAC Flex Plan, you've got an easy, worry-free way to purchase a new rent-to-own computer, or upgrade your existing rental computer to a newer model. And with the names you know, such as Asus, Samsung, Acer, HP, and Nabi, you can be sure your tablet purchase is backed by trusted, well-known brands. For assistance selecting the right tablet, or for questions about rent-to-own laptops or desktops, visit one of our convenient locations today to speak with one of Rent-A-Center's computer-savvy customer service associates.