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Understand More About High-Tech Televisions at Rent-A-Center

Sitting around the television on a weekend morning watching cartoons, the news, or catching up on shows you may have missed during the week is one of the most popular activities in homes across America. Television technology has evolved to the point that the picture quality makes every visual nuance and sound come through crystal clear. Today's televisions are Smart, LED (light emitting diode) or plasma, and large enough to see the screen from another room. Television viewing has changed in other ways too. Modern homes don't just have one TV in the main room. We now have several sets throughout the house: in the bedroom, the game room, the kids' room, and sometimes even in the kitchen. And, we don't just use the television for watching sitcoms or police dramas. Now, the TV does double duty as a game console or stereo, and even as another way to surf the Internet. While the sound level in your home would probably be much quieter without a TV (especially if you have a football fan or kids who adore animated films), our lifestyles would be decidedly different without television. So when you're shopping for a rent-to-own TV, there's a lot to consider. At Rent-A-Center, we offer a long list of rent-to-own televisions with features perfect for every room in the house.

Picture This

If you hear the term HDTV, it's a short-hand way to say high definition television, which means the TV has a higher screen resolution than standard television sets. All of the rent-to-own televisions at Rent-A-Center are high definition (also called high def), so you instantly know you're getting a great picture, no matter which HDTV you ultimately decide to purchase. When you look at the picture quality from HDTV to HDTV, you'll notice subtle differences in brightness or crispness. Experts explain that picture quality is dependent upon a variety of things, including the size of the television, the amount of light in the room (both natural lighting and light from lamps), and where the actual unit is placed. To help you decide what size television to purchase, ask yourself the following:
  • What room will this TV be used in?
  • Will it be placed on a TV stand, or mounted on the wall?
  • What will the TV be primarily used for? (games, movie, or network shows?)
The customer service associates at Rent-A-Center can help you select the right HDTV for your home based on the answer to these questions, and a few more specifics related to your preferred way to purchase.

Who's on your Set?

Rent-A-Center's selection of rent-to-own televisions and rent-to-own smart TVs encompasses a range of brands and features. Go big with a 70-inch screen ideal for creating a movie theater experience, or choose a smaller set with a 40-inch screen for more intimate spaces. The rental HDTVs in our lineup have features such as:
  • Superb picture quality
  • Surround sound
  • Slim, modern design
  • Built-in WiFi
Many of these HDTVs offer a Smart TV experience, which means you have instant access to the Web, and some support apps such as Netflix® and Pandora®. We know that the name on your HDTV says a lot. Across all of the rent-to-own electronics available at Rent-A-Center, we offer products only from the brands with a reputation and track record for quality. In the HDTV lineup, we feature brands such as LG, Sharp, VIZIO, Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic, RCA, and Magnavox. Whether you're shopping for a new HDTV, rent-to-own gaming system, or everything for your living room, Rent-A-Center has a robust selection of rental televisions, smart TVs, rent-to-own living room groups, TV stands, and other electronics.