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The Benefits of Rent to Own at Rent-A-Center

You're a consumer with options. Lots of options. From retail stores in your neighborhood to plenty of offerings online, you have choices when it comes to where®and how®you purchase household items such as rental furniture, appliances, computers, and electronics. This brings us to rent-to-own. With this flexible buying option you can pay little by little with no long term commitment or contract. There's a long list of benefits and conveniences, from choosing your payment plan to knowing you always have the option to upgrade at any time. Read on to learn why millions of people across the nation choose rent to own.

  1. Rent-to-Own Companies Have Staying Power Rent-to-own establishments have a century-long history, but interestingly enough, the term, 'rent to own' is newer than you may think. When the idea of leasing products began in Europe in the early 1900s, businesses called it 'hire purchase.' In the 1930s when the rent-to-own retail model reached the United States, the description became more literal (and accurate!). We think the fact that rent-to-own home furnishings has been around for more than 100 years is proof that customers have long recognized the benefits.
  2. You Pick the Way You Pay at Rent-A-Center Rent-A-Center has been serving customers since the 1960s, and the company has evolved with the times to give consumers flexible, affordable rent-to-own lease options. With these flexible payment options, you choose how you purchase your items and when you pay your bill. You can:
    • Buy the item outright at the cash price
    • Pay off the item within 90 days with no growing interest or fees
    • Get on a flexible payment schedule that fits your needs by making weekly, monthly, or semi-monthly payments without growing interest
    • Make payments in-store, online, or by phone
  3. No Credit Needed Rent-A-Center wants everyone to have the opportunity to own the furniture, appliances, computers, and electronics they want, from dishwashers to dining suites. This is why you can rent to own quality furniture, computers and more with no credit needed. So there are no credit worries, no hassles, and no reason to delay enjoying your purchase right away.
  4. We Do the Heavy Lifting With any Rent-A-Center purchase, delivery, setup, and service are included with every item you rent (while you rent) at no extra cost. (Aaron's can't say that!) All you have to do is answer the front door. You don't have to purchase extended warranties or service plans. You can rent appliances, rent desktop computers and laptops, rent furniture, and rent electronics without getting stuck with additional charges. If something needs repair, we will deliver a loaner product until your item can be fixed or replaced.
  5. Take a Break from Payments®No Questions Asked The unexpected happens. Sometimes this means you need to stop or freeze payments. It's perfectly a-ok. At RAC, you can return your item, pay nothing, and then lease to buy again whenever it's convenient. (Try telling a credit card company you need a break!) Oh, and the best news? All of the money you paid in will be applied to a similar or comparable item when you are ready to receive your item again. You can pick up your payments where you left off.
  6. Upgrades Are Encouraged If you decide you need something bigger or more powerful, upgrade to a newer model at any time. Maybe you're currently leasing furniture, but find you need a larger sofa. Or you want a faster tablet. Or maybe you'd like a more robust audio system. Simply let one of our Rent-A-Center's customer service associates know you'd like to upgrade your contract, and consider it done.
  7. Breadth of Product Choices Furniture. Electronics. Appliances. Computers. We've got it all®and that means you can too. From a gigantic high-def television to the coziest sectional you've ever sunk into, Rent-A-Center makes it a snap to lease to own your favorite items.
  8. We Name Drop The brands you want are at RAC, giving you the opportunity to rent to own all of your favorite items from the names you trust. For example, you can rent to own refrigerators from Whirlpool, computers from HP, or rent to own home furnishings from Ashley. RAC has a long lineup of great brands with a track record of creating products that are stylish, durable, and long lasting. Look for names such as LG, HP, Ashley, Sony, Whirlpool, and more including brands kids love like Nintendo and Nabi.
Ready to get started and take advantage of rent-to-own buying options? From rent-to-own desktop computers to home furnishings, we make it easy to lease to own with no credit needed. You can begin the application process here, or visit one of our stores near you.