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Welcome to the RACommunity

At the crossroads of sharing, caring and compassion is Community. It's a place where people come together with a common goal, to contribute resources and ideas in uncommonly generous and inspired ways. In a Community, compassion just comes with the territory whether that territory's a small town, a big city, or a gathering spot that's borders are only virtual. A Community is a place where no one is meant to go without and everyone belongs. Welcome to ours.

Make A Difference Scholarship
Rent-A-Center strongly believes that a good education is the foundation every child needs to become a contributing member of society. (read more)

Boys and Girls Clubs of America
With programs uniquely designed to build character and leadership, Boys and Girls Clubs serve as a positive place for kids. (read more)

Random Acts of Caring
This community outreach program brings unexpected gifts to people and organizations that serve others. (read more)

Soup to Nuts
Since 2002, Rent-A-Center has been involved with hunger relief efforts nationally and locally. During September, our stores hold a month-long food drive to collect soup and peanut butter for a local food pantry. (read more)

Other Information and Involvement
Read about our giving policy and how we are involved in our local community. (read more)