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Rent-To-Own Asus Products from Rent-A-Center

The name ASUS has been around for decades, bringing the best in high-tech computing and gaming to people and businesses around the world. ASUS is known for incorporating state-of-the art innovation into lightweight, streamlined laptops, tablets, and gaming peripherals, making it exciting and easy to leverage the best that today's technology has to offer. Rent-A-Center features several rental ASUS laptops and tablets, bringing you affordable smart technology and mobility.

Another benefit of rent-to-own ASUS computers is mobility. ASUS laptops are compact and ergo dynamic, and come standard with long-life batteries. So whether you're traveling to another state or just to the coffee shop, ASUS delivers dependable, agile on-demand computing.

Your nearest RAC store has a great lineup of rental ASUS laptops and tablets. And with RAC's Worry-Free Guarantee, you always have the opportunity to upgrade to another ASUS product at any time, a handy option to have when a newer or more powerful laptop or tablet is introduced.**

See why techies and individuals worldwide choose ASUS for home and business computing, as well as gaming and entertainment. From writing that college paper to keeping track of the household budget, ASUS is ideal for everyone. Stop by RAC today to learn more about rent-to-own ASUS computers.