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Why are no-contract plans best for me?

We offer unlimited, no contract 30-day talk, text and data plans
  • No Credit Needed
  • Unlimited Talk, Text and data
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Free International Calling To Select Countries

  • Unlimited talk, text and data plans to fit your budget, starting at just $20 a month. Get Coverage on the best 4G LTE networks.

    Unlimited Monthly Plans:
    30daysdescription_130daysdescription_2 30daysdescription_330daysdescription_435daysdescription_135daysdescription_2 35daysdescription_335daysdescription_440daysdescription_140daysdescription_2 40daysdescription_340daysdescription_450daysdescription_150daysdescription_2 50daysdescription_350daysdescription_460daysdescription_160daysdescription_2 60daysdescription_360daysdescription_470daysdescription_170daysdescription_2 70daysdescription_370daysdescription_4

    No-Contract, Nationwide Unlimited Talk & Text, International Talk & Text, and Data at High Speeds**

    Unlimited Monthly Plans:
    SimpleMobileDesc_1 SimpleMobileDesc_2SimpleMobileDesc_3 SimpleMobileDesc_4SimpleMobileDesc_5 SimpleMobileDesc_6SimpleMobileDesc_7 SimpleMobileDesc_8

    Prepaid plans to fit your budget, using the largest and most dependable networks in America.

    Service Plans:
    30daysdescription_11 30daysdescription_1230daysdescription_1330daysdescription_14 30daysdescription_1530daysdescription_1630daysdescription_17 30daysdescription_1830daysdescription_1990daysdescription_11 90daysdescription_1290daysdescription_13 90daysdescription_1490daysdescription_15 90daysdescription_1690daysdescription_17 90daysdescription_18365daysdescription_11 365daysdescription_1230daysdescription_20 30daysdescription_2130daysdescription_2260daysdescription_11 60daysdescription_1260daysdescription_1360daysdescription_14 60daysdescription_1560daysdescription_1660daysdescription_1760daysdescription_18

    Use Your Own Plan from Your Wireless Provider:

    Love your current talk, text and data plan? If you use one of the following carriers, it's no problem. Simply rent a smartphone from RAC, connect it to your existing plan, and you're good to go. You can also refill talk, text and data plans for the highlighted carriers noted below (*).

    Already have a phone?

    You can submit an online order to visit your local RAC store where our Store Associates will help you determine which plan is right for your needs and your budget.

    Smartphones FAQs

    At RAC, you're never stuck in a long-term contract. So you have the option to upgrade your smartphone to a newer model whenever you'd like - and as often as you'd like**! Keep checking our Shop Smartphones page to see the latest selection.
    At RAC, you're welcome to return your smartphone and freeze your payments at any time**. Then, you have the option of picking up where you left off later on, without losing what you already paid in**. Visit a local RAC store or our How RAC Works page to learn more about Payment Freeze Assurance, as well as all the benefits in our Worry-Free Guarantee**!
    Yes, RAC stores carry Certified Pre-Owned smartphones for a lower price than new devices. Selection will vary by location, so please contact or visit your local RAC store to see what Certified Pre-Owned smartphones they have available.
    We offer some of the latest, most popular Android smartphones available from Samsung! Visit our Shop Smartphones page for a complete listing and features for each of our smartphones.

    Then, keep checking back - when newer models become available, you can get them right at RAC! (Remember, you can upgrade your smartphone anytime with no penalty.)
    We offer multiple plans from a variety of service providers including NET10 Wireless and SIMPLE Mobile. All plans come with unlimited talk and text, and you can choose to add data or international services to fit your needs*€ . To see all the different options available - and to learn why getting them through RAC is right for you - please visit our Compare Plans page.