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Computers: Desktop, Laptop, and Tablets at Rent-A-Center

Personal computing has a deep and multidimensional meaning in our modern world. Today, it's all about:
  • staying in touch with family and friends with emails and video chats
  • working remotely from home or a coffeehouse
  • reading the news and current events via online magazines, newspapers, and news sites
  • participating in social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • playing cyber games with hundreds of your closet Web friends
Whether you prefer a rental desktop, laptop, or tablet, Rent-A-Center has a robust high-tech lineup of rent-to-own computers that make it easy for you to stay connected and up-to-speed on important happenings in your community, the workplace, and even the world.

Benefits of Various Computers

When purchasing a rent-to-own laptop, desktop, or tablet, it's important to think about what type of computer model will best serve your needs. Choose a laptop computer if mobility is important. Laptops allow you to bring your computing power with you. Many retailers and restaurants offer WiFi service (wireless networking that allows you to access the Internet) making it easy to connect just about anywhere. Chose a desktop computer if the computer will be shared by several people. Desktops are ideal for families or for people who prefer to keep their computing power in one place. Choose a tablet computer for tasks and entertainment. Tablets are small, lightweight devices with a touchscreen that are great for games, movies, and lifestyle apps. Rent-A-Center also offers tablets especially designed for children. All three computer categories deliver performance and high-tech computing power, so selecting the best type for you really comes down to personal choice, budget, and usage.

High-tech Brand Names

All of the rent-to-own desktops, laptops, and tablets at Rent-A-Center are guaranteed to bring you the best in computing power and performance. Select from well-known brands such as Dell, HP, and Asus. Our rent-to-own computers come with our Worry-free Guarantee, meaning repairs and service are always included with your purchase. And, if you find you'd like to upgrade your existing rent-to-own desktop, laptop, or tablet, we'll be happy to assist with that too. Rent-A-Center can answer all of your high-tech questions to help you select the ideal rent-to-own desktop, laptop, or tablet. Our experienced customer service associates are also available to help with your rent-to-own application, which you can begin online. Start your shopping experience today by visiting a store near you.