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Learn More About Products at Rent-A-Center

At Rent-A-Center, we make it easy to rent the furniture, appliances, computers, and electronics you need right now. Explore the links below to get a feel for the types of products we carry. We have a wide selection of rental products from big screen TVs to bedroom and living room sets to tablet computers.

About RAC Products

Take a quick look around your house — from the kitchen to the living room to the bedroom — and you will, no doubt, find something you want to replace (refrigerator!), upgrade (smart TV, anyone?), or add (new gaming system? Yes!). This is where Rent-A-Center comes in. RAC has the rent-to-own sectional you’ve wanted for months, that rental desktop you need for the home office, and the sound system designed to make audio sound awesome. RAC has the rental items you want and need to make every day at home more efficient, comfortable, and fun.

RAC’s robust rent-to-own lineup comprises brands that have long histories, reliable track records, and admirable reputations. To help you decide what items are your best bet, RAC’s customer service associates are knowledgeable about every product, from Asus computers to Whirlpool washers. And the good news keeps coming: There's no credit needed for purchases. Begin your online rental application here.